May 24, 2019

Polished Concrete St. Louis

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Epoxy Floors St. Louis have introduced a new flooring system that will not only revolutionize the way your residential or commercial floors look but will also be economical. The Polished Concrete by Epoxy Floors St. Louis just might be the best solution for all your concrete floors. These floors do not need any waxing to sustain their shine. WHY? Because we at Epoxy Floors use the latest technology at our disposal and come up with the best flooring options for you. Our Polished Concrete has created by the help of the finest polishing techniques available in the market, using the top quality ingredients to give you that high glossy finish that would need no further waxing and coatings.

Our polished concrete has become pretty famous as its being used in offices, warehouses, retail stores, patios, pool decks etc. Thisis all because we have come up with a more economical alternative to granite, tiles, marbles, and all the other expensive stones. Now your floors can look like marble or granite or anything you want and you wouldn’t even have to pay the huge amount for it as our polished concrete can be stained to look like anything. Because of this you can even customize your own design and color and make your floors look like anything you want.

The concrete is polished in multiple steps and you get to choose the level of shine you want. You can go for a subtle look of you like or you can go all out and choose the glossy finishes. This adds to the versatility of the product.

Polished Concrete of Epoxy Floors St. Louis has numerous benefits. For such an economical price you get a long lifespan of the floors. The floors are highly durable and you get to have your moneys’ worth. The polished concrete floors not only look good but also are a great decorative option.

St. Louis polished concrete floors are strong enough to hold off against any sort of foot traffic. Furthermore, they are resistant to scratches, abrasions, scars, oil and chemical spills. You do not even have to worry about tire marks and hence can get them installed in your garages as well.

St. Louis Polished Concrete floors also do not need any proper mechanisms for cleaning them. You do not need any hard chemicals or washing equipment to clean the concrete floors if you drop any grease or liquids. A simple mop or sweep would suffice. Additionally, Polished Concrete also reflects light because of its high degree of shine. Thus this will decrease your electricity bills and you can spend money on other expenses. The floors have an anti-slip property, so you do not have to worry about slipping when walking.

Epoxy Floors St. Louis has well-trained and experienced employees who work hard to make your dream floors a reality. They will help and guide you through every step of the way. So come, and select your Polished Concrete. You will have no regrets.

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May 20, 2019

Polished Concrete Delray Beach

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Polished Concrete Delray Beach has been serving in Delray’s Beach for over dozen of years and has the reputation of excellent craftsmanship and design. We specialize in polished concrete floor and decorative concrete. Unlike our company other companies cannot perform polished as their machines swing and system is totally different from ours. The shine in our polished concrete does not come from wax in the concrete floor as we don’t apply it. The sheen is done from true different set of diamond that keeps the shine of the polished concrete.

Polished Concrete floors professionals have been polishing concrete for a long time and are experts in their work. Your work can take place as long as the contract has been made and they will be responsible for making the unique taste in your building. As many customers request design according to their taste our company provides the service to have your concrete polished with that very design. Within the deadline given by the company our experts will provide a complete polished concrete

Method of Polished Concrete in Delray Beach

We use finer grinding tool while grinding the concrete which creates the polished concrete. Progressive grit of diamond cup whoopsand diamond polishing pads are normally used grinding tools. Shine of polished concrete becomes dull using a 400 grit, stain. It act as a sandpaper in wood when using 400 to 1500 grit. To increase the brilliance and to protect the concrete surface Sealants, dyes or stains are often applied.

This process is used byPolished Concrete Delray Beachto specifically create unique and appealing floors. This finish leaves a reflective, polished look without using wax.

Color Possibilities of Polished Concrete Delray Beach

Our company provides our customers with wide variety of colors quartz, grey, black and many other options. Customer define colors are compared and provided to satisfy the customer.

Benefits of Polished Concrete Delray Beach

Following are the benefits of polished concrete


As polished concrete for Delray Beachis created using a diamond grinding disk and a densities including customer desired coating is applied in the opened concrete it increases the lifecycle of the polished concrete. Lowest level of lifecycle is at least 10-years it can increase greatly with regular care.

Maintenance of Polished Concrete Delray Beach

Liquids and other materials do not affect the polished concrete as it is completely filled with no space for dirt to enter. Regular cleaning by using a dust mop, water and neutral cleaner will be more than enough to keep it at its peak.


The polished concrete created by our company is compatible with both Ultraviolet rays and water sprays and creates no adverse effects.


Polished Concrete Delray Beachcreates a unique and distinct taste in the buildings and greatly increases the beauty of the houses. The buildings with polished concrete have their value and cost increased as mostly customers require something different of their taste.


The cost of Polished Concrete Delray Beachdiffers from designs to materials used in polishing concrete. Overlaying customers design on the polished concrete will cost a lot more money than usual polished concrete.


Polished Concrete Delray Beachis used in many areas as airplane hangars, auto paint shops, Food prep areas, manufacturing areas and much more as polished concrete provides refreshing effects to the minds of the visitors and relaxes them

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April 4, 2017

Bankole & Aisha back in Bristol

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The following is the info their sent updating their situation 

Peace Everyone: 24 November 2002 

Aisha and I want to let everyone know that we are trying to stay rested but are now in the last week in Sweden. Dec. 1st is our last day, when we leave by sea ferry to England. 

There are caring and solidarity minded activists in Jonkoping providing us with a place to stay currently. Last Friday, Aisha performed at the 20th anniversay of the Kulturhuset in town. Aisha and I traveled from here to Motala Thursday, Nov. Nov. 21, where we had a very warm response to Aishas singing and piano playing. 

Next week, in Goteborg, we are being hosted by Dallas commune. At this point, unfortunately we have just one engagement, Thursday, 28 Nov., at Valand Art Academy. We are calling upon everyone to ask their friends and contacts in Goteborg to support us. Have them contact me. 

We remind you that Aishas CD sales, including My Gift is My Culture, the latest, and produced with help from Umea activists, and ExiledOne booklet sales, can be the difference in our pockets once we arrive in the UK. There is no fun in living hand to mouth in a strange land. Purchase now! 

Contact us directly about this and donations. We have a short amount of time. 

Finally, we salute Ryan and Fraser over in Canada, who had in the last weekend, (Nov. 17) sold several of Aishas CDs and a number of booklets to help us. They hosted Silent Partner about Canada and Africans from America being repressed as a matter of historical and geopolitical course. COINTELPRO, its tactics and effects were discussed. Our difficulties with the government of Canada, music industry and activists was also talked about. Aishas music was played. This is invaluable work and shows true solidarity with us and those of us that cannot have a country to live in because of US/Canadian targetting. 

In Uppsala, Christopher and a core of dedicated supporters have helped Aisha with presentation of a demo to a record label there. Ever since our mid month departure from the Stockholm region, Uppsala activists have kept in touch and assisted us in numerous ways, including purchasing CDs. One woman supplied Aisha with throat lozenges and tea! 

This is appreciated and keeps us going. There is no doubt that Aisha and I are getting closer to finding a country to live in. The reality is that we must strive all out to make it happen. 2003 will be the year, we have affirmed it! 

Many Thanks, Toronto and Guelph for the support, caring and love! 

Brothers and Sisters opposed to, but inside the US prisons and society, our supporters in Bristol, UK, and Spain, you stood with us, Many Thanks! 

Jonkoping, Linkoping, Malmo, Motala, Stockholm, Umea, Uppsala, and everywhere in between in Sweden that have made 2002 a great year for us, we say New Years Greetings! Vi ses! 

And Many Thanks for solidarity with us, and all African people in and from the US fighting for our Human Rights and Self Determination! 

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February 4, 2017

Jo Wilding talks at Easton community centre

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Last report from Baghdad 
Written on Sunday 30th March 2003 

I started crying this morning. I thought I was leaving at 8am in a convoy for Jordan and I said goodbye to the staff in the Andalus. Many,s the evening I,ve spent setting the world to rights over tea and cake round the desk on the ground floor or, in the last week and a bit, leaning against a post on the roof with Ahmed, looking out at the city lights, or sometimes the lack of them, and the flashes and the jets of flame. 
It got worse when I said goodbye to the young soldiers on the street outside, who share their tea with us and tell jokes in mime. “Ma,assalama,” I said, and added, as a reflex, “Good luck.” And then I couldn,t bear the thought of them having to face those overwhelmingly powerful tanks and guns and ammunition that can pierce body armour, with nothing but an aging rifle and a hard hat to protect them. 
Then when all the bags were in the car, there was a mix-up and the rest of the convoy left without us and I wasn,t leaving after all, and leaving was the last thing in the world I wanted to do, but by then my defences had lapsed and the crater of sorrow inside me had filled to the top and it overflowed with the tears of Akael,s mother for her boy, writhing in pain, with metal in his head, and Nahda,s husband for his new wife, crushed in the rubble of the farmhouse, and all the unbelievable, intolerable, uncontainable sadness in this place. 
Missing the convoy meant I got to say goodbye to Zaid, at least, because he arrived here at the Service Centre just after I did. He looks tired – he said he hasn,t been sleeping, because there,s nothing to do all day: no work, no money, nowhere open to go to, not even the kids to play with because they,re staying somewhere else. 
There,s been no chance today to go and catch up with the people we met yesterday in the hospital and find out how they,re doing. Akael,s mother rebounds around my thoughts. Please let his head wound be shallow. 
The bombing is a constant background noise today, a rhythm in stereo with no visible source. Ali is playing a game on the computer involving tanks firing missiles at things in a city. Wasn,t that a bit too close for comfort, I asked, or was it simulator practice in case he needed those skills in the coming weeks. He thought that was funny. 
The kids in the Fanar Hotel were playing Risk the other day – basically a war board game, where players invade each other,s countries and try to take over the entire world with small plastic pieces. War is deeply strange. 
It will probably be a while before any of my friends in Iraq are able to read this, but when you do, this is what I wanted to say. I,m so glad I,ve met you and had time to hang out with you. Thankyou for your friendship, for glasses of tea and numi basra and coffees and arghilas and songs and chat and gossip and tours of the city and evenings by the river and rollercoaster rides and shared secrets and everything. 
I hope you make it safely through this war and I hope you find your freedom, from the bullying of the US/UK and the Iraqi government; I hope you are allowed your peace. Your courage, your dignity, your kindness and humour inspire me. Ma,assalama. 
I,m appearing in Bristol Crown Court at 10am this Friday – April 11th – to challenge again the legality of the sanctions against Iraq. It,s an appeal from the hearing on December 2nd last year when Bristol Magistrates decided, without letting me raise any of the relevant evidence, that the sanctions didn,t breach the Geneva Conventions. 
Of course, as with the war, the law isn,t the most important factor in this. Even if it were lawful, it would still be wrong to place a sweeping embargo on items including the essentials of ordinary civilian life, but every tool is important and the case is timely. The current war is in itself evidence that the sanctions have not achieved their stated aim. The conclusion of the war will likely mark the end of the sanctions in their present form, with the incalculable suffering they have caused to ordinary Iraqis and their negligible effect on the Iraqi government, which has continued to abuse its citizens with impunity. 

That abuse, however, cannot be allowed to mask the responsibility of the UK and THEM governments for the hundreds of thousands of deaths attributed to the sanctions – NOT the Iraqi government – by the Security Council,s own humanitarian panel. 

I interviewed Carel de Rooy, head of the UNICEF mission in Iraq, in February. He explained that 12 and a half years of UN sanctions have left the population highly dependent on the state. The government food ration is distributed to every resident and other essential goods like electricity, water, petrol and some non-ration foodstuffs are so heavily subsidised as to be free or almost free. 

Private sector employment has largely collapsed under the intense suppression of the economy and many people are now employed by the government, which has created jobs to fill some of the gap. One of my friends recently had to sell his games arcade business and join Baghdad,s ever-expanding taxi rank because, like the rest of the Iraqi leisure industry, he wasn,t making any money. 

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January 4, 2017

Anti-deportation action in Broadmead

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Can you get to Broadmead for 12.30 on Friday lunchtime? 

Elvis Leka, a young asylum seeker from Kosovo, who arrived in Bristol in August 1999, aged 19, has run out of options despite the efforts of his MP Jean Corston, his employers, his solicitor Mary Shepherd, and members of the public. 

HE IS NOW VERY LIKELY TO BE DETAINED FOR DEPORTATION TO KOSOVO WHEN HE SIGNS ON AT NELSON STREET POLICE STATION ON FRIDAY. (This is the main City Centre police station; Nelson Street is on the other side of Union Street from Broadmead itself.) 

Elvis has to be at the Nelson Street police station at 12.30pm so, if you can make it, come along and meet him outside the police station at 12:20, and then accompany him inside. 

If they decide to detain him we will not be able to prevent them; but whatever they do, it will be in the fullest glare of publicity, and in full knowledge of the nature of their actions. THE MORE PEOPLE WHO COME TO THIS, THE GREATER WILL BE THE MEDIA COVERAGE, AND THE GREATER WILL BE THE SHAME OF THE ‘PUBLIC SERVANTS’ WHO ALLOW THEMSELVES TO BE IMPLICATED IN THE GOVERNMENT’S DIRTY WORK. 

If you work in central Bristol, can you arrange your lunch-hour so that you can support Elvis? Ask colleagues to come too. 

If you can come, please bring some cash and/or other small item to hand to Elvis if they take him away. I understand that he uses a pay-as-you-go Vodaphone mobile – so topup cards for that might be very welcome. Once detained, any contact with his solicitor and supporters will become very expensive and very difficult. 

About Elvis Leka… 

Elvis Leka, a young asylum seeker from Kosovo, arrived here in Bristol in August 1999, aged 19. He now works at Grove House hostel for the homeless in Fishponds (asylum seekers may be granted permission to work, once they have been in the UK for six months). 

Elvis has become a major asset to the hostel. He is 
immensely hard working, has revealed a natural talent for care work, and the staff and residents of Grove House would hate to lose him. 

Elvis dreads going back to Kosovo, where he witnessed extreme, sustained and well-documented violence. Close family members were tortured and murdered, his home was burned down, and his village destroyed. After he fled, the rest of his family disappeared and the Red Cross have not been able to trace them. He has nothing and no-one to return to, other than traumatic memories.

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