Bankole & Aisha back in Bristol

The following is the info their sent updating their situation 

Peace Everyone: 24 November 2002 

Aisha and I want to let everyone know that we are trying to stay rested but are now in the last week in Sweden. Dec. 1st is our last day, when we leave by sea ferry to England

There are caring and solidarity minded activists in Jonkoping providing us with a place to stay currently. Last Friday, Aisha performed at the 20th anniversay of the Kulturhuset in town. Aisha and I traveled from here to Motala Thursday, Nov. Nov. 21, where we had a very warm response to Aishas singing and piano playing. 

Next week, in Goteborg, we are being hosted by Dallas commune. At this point, unfortunately we have just one engagement, Thursday, 28 Nov., at Valand Art Academy. We are calling upon everyone to ask their friends and contacts in Goteborg to support us. Have them contact me. 

Bankole & Aisha back in Bristol

We remind you that Aishas CD sales, including My Gift is My Culture, the latest, and produced with help from Umea activists, and ExiledOne booklet sales, can be the difference in our pockets once we arrive in the UK. There is no fun in living hand to mouth in a strange land. Purchase now! 

Contact us directly about this and donations. We have a short amount of time

Finally, we salute Ryan and Fraser over in Canada, who had in the last weekend, (Nov. 17) sold several of Aishas CDs and a number of booklets to help us. They hosted Silent Partner about Canada and Africans from America being repressed as a matter of historical and geopolitical course. COINTELPRO, its tactics and effects were discussed. Our difficulties with the government of Canada, music industry and activists was also talked about. Aishas music was played. This is invaluable work and shows true solidarity with us and those of us that cannot have a country to live in because of US/Canadian targetting. 

In Uppsala, Christopher and a core of dedicated supporters have helped Aisha with presentation of a demo to a record label there. Ever since our mid month departure from the Stockholm region, Uppsala activists have kept in touch and assisted us in numerous ways, including purchasing CDs. One woman supplied Aisha with throat lozenges and tea! 

This is appreciated and keeps us going. There is no doubt that Aisha and I are getting closer to finding a country to live in. The reality is that we must strive all out to make it happen. 2003 will be the year, we have affirmed it! 

Many Thanks, Toronto and Guelph for the support, caring and love! 

Brothers and Sisters opposed to, but inside the US prisons and society, our supporters in Bristol, UK, and Spain, you stood with us, Many Thanks! 

Jonkoping, Linkoping, Malmo, Motala, Stockholm, Umea, Uppsala, and everywhere in between in Sweden that have made 2002 a great year for us, we say New Years Greetings! Vi ses! 

And Many Thanks for solidarity with us, and all African people in and from the US fighting for our Human Rights and Self Determination!